Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bandit Cross - The Course Preview

Gets your lights charged up
because we are starting after dark.
Follow the smell to the Carpentersville course.
You know it...you have raced there before.
Course map courtesy of George Hincapie's leg,
featuring the BUTT PLUG.
An all new HOLE SHOT idea that will bring the race to a halt !!!
Lots of cool sponsor tents.......
American Apparel
Big Star Tacos (Bring lots of money)
Thanks to our volunteers........
Al's Baby Sitting Van
Facebook photo download center
The couples that dress alike corral

Saturday, October 12, 2013

El Bandido 10-9-13 - Those are two words I thought I'd never see in the same sentence

he did it again

 the podium

it's a work in progress but it easily won the coolest bike award.
Now for some sexy Volvo pictures

Bandit points
Little Richie - the monster cross / 10
Vincenzo - gym shoes and hairy legs / 5

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bandit Cross - Working Moms

Working for a living
Taking what they're giving


El Bandido 11-21-12 - It's not that hard.

Grape gloves

Using his special LOOSE CONDITIONS bike

You have to take your foot out of the pedals !
Bandit # 3 points
Euro Lombardo - not impressed / -5
Brian Hellwig - lift your feet / 2
Tim Denman - could teach the kid a lesson / 7
Doug Bauer - Trailer Trash / 3
King Magazine / 69
Justin "Julie" Andrews - The All City / 10
Vincenzo - Sign up to meet 50 year old GILFs in your area / 10
Tim Denman / 7
Doug Bauer / 3
Danny Mechanical / 3
Brian Hellwig / 2
D. Warner - half a lap - half a point / .5
Mazursky - the other half a point / .5
Marie Marie / -1
Euro Lombardo / -5

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bandit Cross - Outlaws

Get out of work early and be bad.......very bad.
Let's begin the final blowout.
Here is sand in your face.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

King Magazine ( ITA ) The Illest , Nov. 1969

Here was an interesting add on with a subscription to KING magazine back in 1969.
This was the classic Italian version of KING not to be confused with the recent bootylicious style of KING that you all enjoy today.
KING , The Illest Men's Magazine ever !!  king-mag.com/
Sign up and you would get Bandit Cross CO2 cartridges as a free gift. Sounds good to me , how do I join ?

By the way , this treasured copy of KING just earned 69 points.
That is the highest number of points you can receive at one time.
Good luck catching up.