Friday, November 23, 2007

El Bandido 11-23-07 ( Is that a turkey in your pants......? )

That's good old Twinkle Toes Gohman

Assos booties are expensive but worth every penny

Ex-Pro from the old Fox Valley/Anderson Division 3 squad

Bandito Ciclocross Suprema Vittoria # 1

Vince il Pollo

Brian Dougherty prende finale

Bandit 6
Duane Higgs-Adding to the barrier count/2
Higgs Family-Stopped by after shopping/3
Giro Lombardi-Best at grabbing the GU/2
ABD Shorty-Ms. Manners/1
Mike Heagney-Ghetto Booties/3
Wayne Simon-13 lb. frozen trophy/7
Mike Heagney-Tandem barrier carry/2
Tom Taylor-Tandem barrier carry/2

The Bandit would like to congratulate those who made the Overall Podium.

Il Campione - ABDeeDee

The girl shows she has got what it takes.

Second - The Higgs

The Itasca Tifosi

Third - Jim Nowak

Cross legend hangs on despite barrier problems

And to the rest of the competitors , illegal racing is the best kind of racing.

Give yourselves a Bronx cheer.

Final Overall Standings

The Higgs/18
Jim Nowak/17
ABD Shorty/16
Tim Boundy/15
Jason Meshberg/13
hank saha/10
Wayne Simon/10
Meshbergs w/o Jason/8
Duane Higgs/8
jason klein/6
june upshaw/5
Brian Dougherty/5
Rich Delgado/5
Mike Heagney/5
Jason Knauff/4
Greg Gohman/2
Security Guy/2
Giro Lombardi/2
Tom Taylor/2
Aaron Harrison/0.50
Scott Arrigoni/-2
Benny Hill/-14

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bandit Cross 11-23-07 " The Trophy "

Bandit Cross
Friday , Nov. 23 , 9:30am
Grab the Trophy

Thursday, November 15, 2007

El Bandido 11-10-07 ( Everythang was everythang )

Guest Race Director Guy Van Sleepinvadaan starts
up the first ever pace car in cyclocross

It was nice to see Gary Doering come out

What could go wrong

THE MAN tried to clip the Bandit's wings. What THE MAN didn't know is the Bandit is a chicken and can't fly anyhow. The Bandit instead relies on his shifty ways to hop the PVC. Bust up the PVC and he just screws it back together. Call in the cops to break up the party and the Bandit just moves the party. The only thing the Bandit leaves behind is some chicken scratch and empty beer bottles.

This Police sketch is the only known image of the Bandit.

Bandit #5 Points

Ringo Starr -Photojournalist /5
Ringo Starr -scared to race against Verner/-5
Jason Knauff -sharing his Halloween candy /4
Duane Higgs -Ace is the place to make your own barriers/6
Higgs W/o Duane -Crime Family /6
Scott Arrigoni -out at first/1
Jason Klein -out at first/1
Rich Delgado -out at first/1
Security Guy -waking up early /2

Overall Standings
ABDeeDee / 25
Jim Nowak / 17
Tim Boundy / 15
ABD Shorty /15
The Higgs /15
Jason Meshberg /13
hank saha /10
Meshbergs w/o Jason / 8
Duane Higgs /6
jason klein /6
june upshaw /5
Brian Dougherty /5
Rich Delgado /5
Jason Knauff /4
Wayne Simon /3
Greg Gohman /2
Security Guy /2
Aaron Harrison /0.50
Scott Arrigoni /-2
Ringo Starr /-14

The only fowl still alive after Thanksgiving will be a chicken.
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bandit Cross - " Solid "

Bandit Cross
Saturday , Nov. 10 , 9:30 am

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

El Bandido 10-30-07 ( What happened Mr. Pirate? Was the course too hard for your nancy boy legs ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....... )

Bandit barriers bare Gu fruitsHe couldn't bunny hop the 1 inch log
Breaking bad on the Cup-ers
Everyone wants to be like the Bandit Chief

The Bandit bound and gagged the barriers with a green strap.
It made it easier to show them who was the Boss

The Champ
Guy Lombardo

Overall Standings after Bandit 4
ABDeeDee / 25
Jim Nowak / 17
Tim Boundy / 15
ABD Shorty / 15
Jason Meshberg / 13
hank saha / 10
The Higgs / 9
Meshbergs w/o Jason /8
june upshaw / 5
jason klein / 5
Brian Dougherty / 5
Rich Delgado / 4
Wayne Simon / 3
Greg Gohman / 2
Aaron Harrison / 0.50
Scott Arrigoni / -3
Sir Topham Hatt / -14

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bandit Cross " Hello Mr. Pirate "

Bandit Cross
Tuesday , October 30 , 5pm

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

El Bandido 10-9-07 ( Please don't tell Daddy! )

The Doctor and his Dr. Mini - Me

No stopping on the left side

He went out and bought a cross bike the next day

Big Baby

The Bandit rode into the sunset.
It felt good to hurt at that time of day.

To the Victor go the Spoils
Dr. Jones

Overall Standings
Jason Meshberg /18
Jim Nowak / 16
Tim Boundy / 15
Meshbergs w/o Jason / 8
Hank Saha /7
june upshaw / 5
jason klein / 5
Wayne Simon / 3
Rich Delgado / 2
Brian Dougherty / 1
Aaron Harrison / 0.50
Scott Arrigoni / -3
Ms. Liverpool/ -5
ABD Girl / -10