Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

El Bandido 11-28-08 " I don't come up with anything myself , I just repeat everything that I hear."

Stars and Watercarriers

The calm before the teenage years
"Dad , I need a car , $50 and an Iphone."

BCI bans the use of all team radios, GPS , pacemakers
and house arrest electronics

We are not sure why he fainted

Final GC Standings

IL Campione - Veldrijden Nowak

Cross legend makes up ground on the final day.

Second - Arrigoni Tifosi

Will egg Nowak's house one day.

Third - Conroy / Oh Henry

The Tie Breaker Challenge - JACK ASS STUNTS until one gives up.

Final Point Totals
Veldrijden Nowak/18
Arrigoni Tifosi/12
Oh Henry/10
Mike Conroy/10
Scott Arrigoni/9
Wayne NED Simon/8
Sir Tom Jones/7
Dr Klein/6
Duane Higgs/5.5
Vincenzo Boyer/4.5
Dean Hewson/4
Tom Taylor/2
Mike Heagney/2
Marc Moeller/1
Tim Boundy/-62 ( lowest point total ever)

Bandit Finale Points
Nowak - Prize box / 10
Nowak - Quasimodo / 7
Higgs - Pass out the cigars / 3.5
Dr Klein - Too windy to ride / 6
June - Claimed it was an Ipod. 3 month suspension. / -2
Boundy - Euro Nancy pants / -15
Boundy - Thumbing his nose at the UCI restrictions . 3 month suspension / -25

And that's a wrap.
The third year of the Bandit Cross Series is in the books.

Enjoy the videos below

Fancy Pants

The Domestiques

Mr. Olympia